FS-1041 Vanguard Class Titan (Titanfall 2)

“The Vanguard-class Titan is the Milita’s first self-made titan chassis, because of this the Milita no longer had to steal IMC Titans from the production lines to maintain their Titan fleet.”
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NESF-M07TSL Sailia

Testing the new V3 framework, the NEST Special Forces have rolled out the Sailia test unit. This will serve as a basis for future NEST reFrames and is currently undergoing field testing operations for evaluation and feedback. Part of the evaluation is testing the new weapon systems as the Sailia is equipped with the experimental weapons ER-YYG01XI Energy Rifle and RG-ELMARAIL Rail Cannon.

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Tutorial: Designing and Building Your Own LEGO Mecha Head (チュートリアル:あなただけのレゴロボ頭部のデザインと組み立て方)

Now in Dual Language (EN/日本語)
The way I design and build my own LEGO mecha heads is similar in approach to how I go about making each and every mech build. In this tutorial, I’ll be discussing my 4 part build cycle that involves building a frame, plating and designing the frame, detailing, and rechecking.… Read More Tutorial: Designing and Building Your Own LEGO Mecha Head (チュートリアル:あなただけのレゴロボ頭部のデザインと組み立て方)